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  • Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign
    If you or your spouse are a Wells Fargo employee you may already know that September 2nd - 30th is the annual Community Support Campaign. Wells Fargo’s campaign theme for this year is “Small is Huge. It all adds up to make a difference.” WE COULDN’T AGREE MORE.  If you’re a Wells Fargo team member looking to make a very local and direct impact please consider directing your contribution to Rea View Elementary School or the Rea View PTA. Your donation to us of $25 or more is DOUBLED thanks to the Wells Fargo Educational Matching Gift Program! The match happens automatically if made through the Wells Fargo Teamworks portal during their Community Support Campaign. Throughout the rest of the year Wells Fargo employees can request matching funds for donations to us using theMatching Gift Request Tool @ https://www.easymatch.com/wellsfargogive.
    You’ll need our charitable 501(c)(3) tax id. Rea View Elementary School: 26-0421815 or Rea View Elementary PTA: 26-0424815

  • Rea View Transportation Change forms

  • Transportation Change Procedures:

    As per our handbook, we want to remind parents that ALL transportation changes need to be in writing.  Our concern is to ensure the safety of each child a Rea View Elementary.  Telephone requests cannot be verified as to the caller and with approximately 650 students, it is difficult to keep up with several phone changes in a day.  Please do not expect office staff to accept any phone changes starting next week. 

    To facilitate this process, please use a Rea View transportation slip that will be provided to your child this week.  Going forward, transportation change slips will be available in the scrolling messages section of the Rea View website.  If at all possible, please keep the form of transportation consistent each week.  If you are changing daily, we need a separate transportation change form EACH DAY. As always, thank you for your support in ensuring the safety of our students. 

    Car Rider Line
    Parents, please remain in your vehicle during car rider pick up.  For the safety of each student we ask that students get in and out of vehicles on the passenger side of the vehicle.  If your child is not proficient with buckling his/her seat belt, please take some time to practice this skill at home. Thank you!



  • Cartridge Recycling Program Cancelled: Rea View will no longer be accepting used ink cartridges to recycle. The majority of the cartridges we received were not accepted for recycling. Thanks for your help.

  • The Parent Portal is now open. The log in information is the same as last year. If you do not have your log in information, it may be picked up in the office at school by showing a photo ID. https://ucps.powerschool.com/public/home.html

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