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 Author/Poet Allan Wolf visits Rea View students photo

Author/Poet Allan Wolf visits Rea View students

Rea View had the honor of having Author/Poet Allan Wolf visit our school and entertain our students with his poems. Mr. Wolf was very entertaining and engaging. It was a fantastic presentation. Mr. Wolf resides in Asheville, North Carolina. He is the father of three- 2 boys and one girl. He taught for three years at Virginia Tech. Mr. Wolf spent 15 years as the director of Poetry Alive! He now writes and presents full time. A huge thank you to our PTA and Elizabeth Hutchens for setting this visit up!
Visit Mr. Allen’s website to learn more- http://www.allanwolf.com/

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Second Grade Studies Family Heritage:  photo

Second Grade Studies Family Heritage:

Second grade participated in a family heritage project using Molly’s Pilgrim as a novel study. The students conducted a family interview to learn more about their heritage and identified traditions in their family. Students learned that people from their ancestry came to the US in hope for a better life. They brought with them their customs and traditions which made the US a cultural melting pot. The students made a "pilgrim" in class by researching a country of their heritage and creating clothing that represented traditional dress for that country. They spent time comparing the "pilgrims" that came on the Mayflower to the “pilgrims” of their family heritage. The students also researched several interesting facts about that country. At the Second Grade Heritage Celebration, the students presented their cultural suitcases with all of their classwork, the family trees, and their cultural Pilgrim.

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